DARIAaus Rumänien

Alter: 18
Gewicht: 53 kg
Größe: 162 cm

Rumänisch - Muttersprache
Englisch - Gut

Verfügbar: heute noch keinen Termin


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Kommentare DARIA


Thank you very much Alina!!!Thank you for the wonderful time we spent together yesterday. It was a hearty service. You are an amazing girl with an amazing body and beautiful breasts. Alina, you really deserve the attribute New Star.I can really recomend you as a very kind, beautiful and erotic young Lady.You offer an excellent service and I think you are personally very involved. I hope, you are relaxed as I. Friday is a good day for us.


Dear Alina! You are a very nice and pretty girl. Thank you for your service yesterday. That was immensely satisfying. I want to visit you again next week. You are a new star for the Burggasse. So all stars for You. I hope you can stay a long time in Vienna. Alina ist ein noch etwas zurückhaltendes ganz liebes, junges Mädchen. Aber ihre natürliche Art ist viel charmanter als professionelles Gehabe. Hoffentlich bleibt sie der Burggasse noch länger erhalten.